Weekend in Munich – Day 2

It was a snowy start to our second day in Munich!

After over eating at breakfast in the hotel (I have already confessed to the amount of pastries on my plate…) we headed out to explore more of the city. I hadn’t realised that it snowed overnight until I looked out the window of the restaurant in the hotel. In my opinion it definitely enhanced the beauty of the city, especially the Englischer Garten.

Chinese Tower



When we were wondering around in the freezing cold we ditched the beer garden (some were actually open) and headed into a tiny cosy cafe! Just so I could feel my hands again (only reason of course) I got a gluehwein and relaxed on a furry coated bench to admire the gardens without catching hypothermia! You don’t need to leave Scotland for that….



Once we warmed up a little we stepped outside and cooled down a lot….nevertheless we continued walking back towards the city centre. On the way there we walked through a tunnel that had been decorated with various pieces of street art. Like always I felt the need to take a few photos…


Alice in Wonderland or just a bit creepy? I’ll let you decide.

As I have spent time in Verona and visited Juliet’s balcony I know the legend of Juliet’s golden breast. When I found out there was another statue in Munich, gifted from the city of Verona we made sure to take a look. Who would pass up an opportunity of “undying love”?! Little did we know that instead of touching her breast like in Verona, people in Munich leave flowers by her side in order to receive the magic. Unaware of this difference we went for the breast…I’ll get back to you with how well that worked!

Juliet Capulet Statue 
Find under the archway in the Marienplatz 



After being granted eternal love I figured I didn’t need any more from this wonderful city.

Munich I’ll be back when the sun shines over the beer gardens!


Southern Germany Trip – Day 1 – Tübingen

This was my first time (hopefully of many) visiting this incredible part of the world! I flew very cheaply from Edinburgh direct to Stuttgart airport. The flight was genuinely less than £50, however who flies at the start of January anywhere…

I was blessed with a boyfriend who doubled as a tour guide/taxi driver who made my first stay in Germany unforgettable. All credit is given to him for the well planned 4 day itinerary. I honestly think this is the first time in years that I have not planned anything except getting to the country. It was a lovely change….however I am a passionate planner and that will never escape me.

The flight from Edinburgh was far too early and the weather was too cold for the plane to leave the ground safely. Half an hour later after the doors were unfrozen we were on our way! The flight only took 2 hours to Stuttgart and the benefit about EasyJet is that the cabin bag is not weight restricted it just must be the correct dimensions which allowed me to pack more shoes…always a bonus.

Once I landed we drove 30 minutes to the city he grew up in, Tübingen. It was like walking into a fairytale…cobbled streets, city-centre castle and coloured houses lining the riverbank. This city is a photographers dream…it’s almost impossible not to take an impressive photo there. We explored the main squares and journeyed up to the castle where you get a perfect view of the city through the castle walls.


Just before the sunset we headed to House of Hohenzollern which is straight off a film-set. We drove to a car park that allowed us to walk through a forestry area up to an outstanding viewpoint overlooking the castle. Get comfortable on the set with the view, bring blankets, drink some Baden wine… and enjoy!


Flavour of the day was definitely the traditional Swabian dish called Spätzle! This dish is a unique type of egg noodle that can be served with various accompaniments and sauces. On my first night in Germany I enjoyed 2 portions of a variation of this dish called  Käsespätzle which is like a cheesy noodle filled bake with crispy fried onions. It will become a craving…its totally a comfort food…had it at least 3 times before I left the country!