3 Days In Berlin – Day 1

It was a super last minute decision to travel again so soon after Asia but with time to spare before I got my allocation from TUI I was straight on Skyscanner to book another flight! I chose to visit Berlin because 1. It was cheap to fly there from Edinburgh, 2. I had been many places in southern Germany so wanted to visit the capital and 3. I have a friend living across the Polish border in Poznan so would see her too!

I took an easyJet flight (think that’s got a bit of every pay check I get) and flew to Berlin Tegal. After speaking to a couple of people who know Berlin it didn’t make much of a difference whether you fly into Tegel or Berlin Schönefeld airport , although Tegel is slightly closer. Before I got to Berlin I bought a Berlin 72 hours BerlinPass as I wanted to see as many things as possible in my short time there. It also gives you unlimited access to public transport (including airport journeys).

A couple of days before I went I also booked a hostel to stay in. Believe it or not I haven’t actually stayed in a hostel before, always Airbnb’s or hotels. I did some research and booked The Circus Hostel through hostelworld. It was great! The hostel was super clean and I met this cool American girl who I was sharing with.

Eager to explore Berlin in the limited time I had, I left my luggage at the hostel (they had a locker that fitted my hand luggage case) and headed to the Brandenburg Gate to get my BerlinPass. I got a metro (Rosenthaler platz ) which was just opposite my hostel and took it to Brandenburger Tor station.

After getting the pass I walked Unter Den Linden in the direction of the remains of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery. The wall is now full of incredible street art and a definite must see when in Berlin!

I decided to just keep walking around the area and ended up in the cool hipster area of Kreuzburg I felt like a true Berliner wandering in and out of the quirky vintage shops there! Before visiting Berlin I asked a few friends I knew who were either from Berlin or who had lived in Berlin before for some cool suggestions. One of them suggested a visit to Burgermeister which is known to be the best burger joint in the city. By chance one of them was opposite the vintage shops in Kreuzburg under the tracks of the u-bahn.

Fun fact – This green building now housing the burger joint used to be a public toilet (a long time ago I hope)!

I walked back along the River Spree and found out that Mercedes Benz had their own platz here which was kinda cool and flashy.

As this was my first solo travel experience I was a little nervous about being alone at night as I knew that I would not want to stay in the hostel too much. However, if you are a frequent solo traveller you may laugh at my uncertainty because if you don’t want to be alone you never have to be! I spent the night exploring the streets of Berlin and finding nice restaurants and bars with the American girl who I was sharing a room with.

We were not too sure about where to go for dinner so we wandered around the area of the hostel and found a main street called Friedrichstraße. Here we found a nice restaurant called Gendarmerie that used to be a bank so it was very opulent inside with lots of impressive wall art!

After dinner we headed back further towards our hostel and went into a bar nearby called Mein Haus Am See (cool vibes, would definitely recommend)!

South East Asia – 3 – 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Just wow…I arrived back from my 3 week South East Asia trip a few days ago and I cannot wait to start blogging!!!

I am so thankful for the memories over the past few weeks that were made with my best friends during our end of university trip! We really did everything we wanted to do: immerse ourselves in new cultures, eat like the locals do, see the wonders of SE Asia and come home to graduate in one piece (despite the slightly precarious situations we were in…I will explain more about later..). It was incredible to travel so far so CHEAPLY!! At the end I will do a rundown of how much we spent in total but to give you an idea it was around £1,600 for everything (flights (x5), airbnbs, spending money, tours, visa and insurance).

After our 16 hour journey from Edinburgh we touched down at KL’s international airport (be careful when planning your journey as there are 2 international airports). Our airbnb ( Mercu Summer Suites) was located in the centre of KL near the Petronas Towers so took around an hour to get there. Instead of Uber in SE Asia they have Grab so do yourself a favour and download the app before you arrive and you are good to go (cash only so get some money out using the ATM at the airport). Our grab was only 72 MRY including the tolls which is £13.77.

If you would like money off your first Airbnb use my personal link when booking!

Day 1

We woke up early eager to explore the city in the short time that we had! We knew that we could not see everything but made a plan of what we definitely wanted to see to use our time effectively.

Firstly we headed to Merdeka Square which is one of the most popular areas in the city, located in front Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Here there remains strong evidence of the British empire with the type of architecture and grassy spaces.

After we were drawn towards the Countdown Clock which is part of the River of Life project which counts down to the year 2020! We admit it’s not much of an attraction but we were drawn to the water…oh my goodness….KL was so HOT and HUMID we knew the first morning that time spent doing hair and makeup was time definitely wasted…so we all embraced the natural!

We wanted our first proper meal in KL to be authentic so we avoided all the chain restaurants and headed to the Chinatown food markets. We sat down where we saw the most locals and tried some amazing dishes!

Always ask for the price before ordering because they sometimes try to rip off tourists when you ask for the bill.

We also visited one of the many beautiful mosques in the city, Jamek Mosque and spoke to a lady there about the Islamic dress code for woman. She was kind enough to offer us a book about the dress code for woman in particular which was definitely enlightening for 3 western woman to read due to the amount of restrictions woman adhere to in other parts of the world.

Please be respectful when visiting places of worship such as mosques and temples. You must always cover your shoulders and sometimes have to remove your shoes to enter.

After lunch we visited the Forest Eco Park which was the thing I was most excited to do in the city! It did not disappoint! It was so refreshing to be high in the treetops away from the hustle and bustle of KL. This urban jungle attraction has many trails and an incredibly cool treetop walkway.

Luckily we had fun on the treetop walkway before the heavens opened and it poured down with rain! We went to SE Asia at the cusp of the rainy season and apart from a few very very heavy showers we were very lucky with the weather!

We then headed back to our Airbnb with a cheap Grab to dry off and chill a bit before exploring more. For dinner we tried the vibrant Little India neighbourhood which was amazing for food!! We all tried a local Malaysian speciality called Nasi (rice) Lemak and a fresh coconut!

After finishing dinner we wanted to see the beauty of the Petronas Towers lit up at night so headed straight there to capture this iconic KL site!

We ended the day finding a rooftop bar to reward ourselves for walking so many steps around the city. How lucky we were to stumble upon this bar!! This rooftop bar is called the WET Deck and is situated inside a swanky hotel called W but the bar is open to anyone. It has one of most spectacular views of the Petronas Towers, tasty cocktails, good music and staff that know all the tricks to help you take the perfect pictures!

Day 2

After a full first day in KL we were up early again excited for the day ahead. On our second day we had planned to visit one of KL’s biggest attractions, the Batu Caves! These 3 caves are located on a limestone hill 11km outside the city centre. Climb the 272 rainbow steps to the top of the caves and take in the beautiful sights that lie before you!

Visit early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat. Watch the monkeys surrounding the temple as they are known to be very cheeky!!

We took a Grab car to the temples for ease and managed to work out the metro to get back. “Work out” is the best turn of phrase because it is easy because there is a station right by the caves…however… the trains were very infrequent!

After walking up all those stairs at the caves we were definitely hungry for lunch! We headed back to Little India and tried a family run curry house. We decided to pick the banana leaf buffet which had a completely vegetarian option too!

The botanic gardens is another excellent way to escape the noise of the city! Spend some time walking around the lakeside gardens.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first couple of days in SE Asia and looking forward to reading the rest of my posts! Please just send me a message via WordPress, Facebook of Instagram if you have any questions!





South East Asia – 1 – The Start

Firstly Happy New Year!!!

I know…long overdue…I hope you are getting on well with your New Year’s resolutions or currently breaking them because how were you ever realistically going to give up chocolate for a year…?

Anyway, it’s time to write the first blog post of the year as the flights to Kuala Lumpur have been booked and it’s time for planning to commence!

My friends and I knew that we wanted to discover somewhere new together after final exams in May and before graduation in July. After some weeks of research (which will be explained more later) we decided on South East Asia for 3 full weeks in June. This blog post is going to give you a little insight of my top tips before planning long-haul travel!

1. Initial Research Is Key

Google really is your best friend here. It is important to do some initial research before parting with your well saved funds to make sure this is the destination for you. A quick google search will tell you if you require visas, if the country has lots to offer that you are interested in, how easy it is to move around within the country and if you require any vaccinations prior to your adventure.

2. Budget-friendly Travel Requires Sacrifices

When we were checking out flights on our favourite flight comparison site (Skyscanner) we noticed that it was around £150 cheaper to fly out of London. However, as we are based in Edinburgh we decided that it would in fact cost almost the same amount after travelling down to London and paying for over-night accommodation.

In the end there were 2 flights that we were torn between, both were good but neither perfect. Without bottomless pockets we were between a Qatar Airways flight that included an 8 hour stop-over in Doha on the way there and an emirates flight that would lose a day of our holiday period as it left in the early hours of the morning.

We decided to pay £506 to fly with Emirates because the journey time was much shorter. Even though we could have enhanced our trip by stopping over and exploring Doha for a few hours we decided that this was an unnecessary addition onto our already long trip. The girls and I also thought that we would not do the city justice as we would just be longing for our final destination!

3. Research Some More!

Your flights are booked and you want to get down to business! I LOVE looking at other blogs for inspiration. My favourites for this trip so far are….

Where Charlie Wanders

Be My Travel Muse


Also, I cannot get enough of Lonely Planet’s travel guides for detailed itineraries, hidden gems and cultural tips!

So far our 3 week itinerary looks like this….. ( as event management and business students we are in our element)!

The green sections are internal flights with the current prices next to them.

I have heard some fantastic things about the Perhentian islands from blogs like this and would love some chill out time between soaking up the new cultures!

We are still very flexible with our plans and will be looking into accommodation, internal flights and attractions soon.

If you have any advice to share with me go ahead in the comments section!

I’ll keep you updated.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I am very excited to write this post and would like to thank Andrea at savingjoyfully.com for nominating me!

Essentially this award is awarded by bloggers to new bloggers to recognise achievements and offer support. It’s a lovely welcome into the Blogger Community:)

These are the 11 questions that Andrea (savingjoyfully.com) has asked me to answer.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging initially as a way of recording my memories and travel adventures, to share with friends and family. After a few blog posts I realised how much I was into writing and researching travel destinations so began doing it as a hobby that hopefully people can get inspiration from.

2. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

My biggest challenge when it comes to blogging is definitely securing a following. I think this is many new bloggers major challenge! However , since I have taken my blog onto all my social media sites it has definitely increased my following:)

3. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

Wow…big question! My boyfriend and I have started doing a long distance relationship and I can honestly say the first time I touched down in Germany has been my favourite point of this year. Not just because exploring a new country is exciting, but because I realised how easy it was to get to see each other! EasyJet aircrafts will be my new home for the next few months…❤️🇩🇪✈️

4. How do you balance blogging with the the rest of your responsibilities?

I find balancing my blog with my other commitments fairly easy. I have an hour long commute to work so I spend the time reading other blog posts and promoting my blog on Twitter. I honestly love writing in my blog so I also use it to wind down after a busy day.

5. If you could travel anywhere you haven’t been where would it be?

I would love to visit Hawaii! I imagine every scene to be picture perfect and I would love to try hula dancing 💃🏻

6. What is your favourite thing to do on vacation?

Tricky one! I love seeing what makes the city special by visiting all the sites….I am also a major foodie! I’m really into finding backstreet hidden gems that serve the best local food in fantastic atmospheres!

7. Where did you go on your best vacation ever?

Ohhh hard question! I think a part of my heart will always belong to Italy 🇮🇹. I have spent a couple of holidays there so far and hoping to do a bigger road trip around Southern Italy this summer! On my second visit I stayed in Verona and spent a few afternoons writing letter responses on behalf of Juliet ❤️

8. What is your favourite food?

I would have to say red velvet cake but I love Spanish cuisine!

9. Who or what is your inspiration in blogging?

I , like so many bloggers aspire to live life like Hannah and Nate. I mean does it get better than sponsorship for 3 years of travel?!

10. What is your favourite movie?

Like you may have gaged so far I am an old fashioned romantic! Therefore I would have to say any Nicholas Sparks based movie….

11. What do you do for a living or do you blog full time?

Currently I am enjoying an internship at a racecourse, as part of my Festival and Event Management with Tourism Degree program.

I would like to nominate these blogs for The Sunshine Blogger Award:








My 10 questions for you guys are:

1. What is your niche whilst blogging?

2. What do you see yourself doing in 3 years time?

3. What has been your favourite place you have visited so far?

4. If you have another trip planned soon, where is it?

5. What are your top 3 songs on your travel playlist?

6. What do you find most challenging about being a blogger?

7. Are you sponsored/ an affiliate of any company?

8. Apart from blogging, what do you do for fun?

9. What would be your perfect day?

10. What is your favourite travel website and why?

I look forward to hearing your answers! 🙂

Southern Germany Trip – Colmar and Freiburg

Yes I am aware that Colmar is in France….


After spending my third day in Karlsruhe we drove 3 hours and stayed in Colmar just over the German/French border. It was another picture perfect town that has somehow managed to escape the modernisation that has tainted many other places due to it’s old town centre being a “protected area”. Colmar should definitely be on your list of travel destinations you are wanting to visit. It is impossible not to be enticed by it’s colourful houses, flower displays , famous wines and intimate dining options. IMG_2407


When we arrived in Colmar we checked into our hotel for the night (Les Maraichers). Once again I felt like a complete Brit as we entered attempting to speak all the French we knew. The receptionist saw our obvious lack of knowledge and told us that she could speak French, German and English. It was the same everywhere we went in Colmar, everyone could at least speak 2 languages fluently! Really puts my 25% Duolingo German knowledge and mere pass in French at school to shame…

After checking in we walked into the centre of Colmar (only a 15 minute walk) and searched for somewhere to have dinner. We stumbled upon a beautiful looking restaurant…complete with candelabras and lights….so we went in. I promise I didn’t pay attention to the name of the restaurant….but when you are here you must dine in…La Romantica Colmar (as cliché as you can be but the food and atmosphere is amazing)!  I had the traditional Tarte flambée with some recommended local wine by the lovely bilingual waiter.


IMG_2517In the morning we decided not to have breakfast in the hotel and headed into Colmar. We found this little cafe called Au Croissant Doré that is situated through the arches in the centre of Colmar by the church. The croque monsieur and thick hot chocolate definitely set me up for the day.


After breakfast we explored Colmar and of course took the postcard perfect snaps at Petite Venise…


Au revoir Colmar…I’ll be back!


We left Colmar to travel to Freiburg mid afternoon. In hindsight we probably packed in a little to much for my first 5 days in Germany but there was never a dull moment! The drive took only 40 minutes to Freiburg so we were still able to enjoy most of the day there. I have been incredibly lucky on this trip to see many truly enchanting places. This university city takes you back in time, walking through it’s medieval streets, as well as having the famous Black Forest as it’s backdrop!

After wondering into a dozen quirky shops we headed up to the Schlossberg viewpoint overlooking the city on one side and the Black Forest on the other. What a view…I don’t know if it was the time of year but when I went there was always a misty haze over the forests which added to the beautiful landscapes.


P.S – Rumour has it if you want to marry a Freiburg girl paddle in the streams that flow through the city….

You can’t leave the home of the Black Forest without tasting some of it’s famous cake…..well that was my excuse. Head to Café Schmidt ,this family run business will show you what a true Black Forest Gateau Cake should look like! IMG_2573.JPG

Southern Germany Trip – Stuttgart and Karlsruhe


On day number 2 of exploring we drove back into the industrial hub, home to the global manufacturers that are of course, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. However….I dodged all the car museums in Stuttgart ( a tough task in itself) and focused on some of my interests.


So truth be told…..I went shopping…had my first Vapiano experience…took some cool pictures and visited a 217m high bar otherwise known as Fernehturm Stuttgart.IMG_2316IMG_2309IMG_2559



Flavour of the day was again a traditional Swabian dish…called Maultaschen. I have promised myself that I will try cooking this back in Scotland! It’s basically a large ravioli parcel with meat and spinach through it. The chef was also kind enough to share the knowledge of the dish with me. Legend has it that the pasta dough acts as a disguise so that the Swabians can continue to eat meat during lent!


On the third day we spent some time in Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe is another university city around an hour from Stuttgart. This city was home to the former weapons factory but is now known for it’s vibrant student culture and of the beautiful 18th Century palace.


Oh and I wasn’t allowed to end my 3rd day in Germany apparently without trying my first Schnitzel…which I had with my new favourite food as a  side dish….Spätzle! IMG_2309IMG_2372.JPG




Winter Getaway In York

As soon as our exams finished we decided to escape to York to get into the Christmas spirit! York is only 2 hours and 30 minutes on a train from Edinburgh, perfect for a short break. We spent a couple of days in this enchanting city exploring the fairy-lit alleyways and exploring York’s main attractions!

Day 1 

As soon as we arrived in York we took the bus from outside the station to Ashley Park Road where our Airbnb was. As I have never used an Airbnb before I was slightly apprehensive of the situation but I was amazed at how perfectly it worked out. I cannot recommend Kilmartin Lodge  enough, it was cosy, well located and Michelle the host was extremely welcoming (fresh bread and homemade jam on arrival)!

We arrived into York early evening so we just got settled into our accommodation then headed into York for dinner. As it was our first night we just took an Uber into York (cost around £6) and dined out. Our first meal was at a gorgeous Italian restaurant called Gusto.  It had a canape of fairy lights and leaves, perfect for a romantic dinner! I would highly recommend the smoked haddock risotto for a heartier option….


Before heading back to the apartment we journeyed into the Teepee Tent that was in the centre of the Christmas market to indulge in some mulled wine!

Day 2

We woke up early to ensure that we had a full day of exploring York! We started our day by journeying into York on the Coastliner bus which was only a short walk from the accommodation. Once we arrived in the city centre we headed towards York Minster which is definitely a sight to see! It is a stunning cathedral that can be accessed with an entry fee of £10 (all profit goes to the maintenance of the site).

DSC01915 (2)DSC01916DSC01921DSC01922

After taking in the architecture that York Minster has to offer we strolled over to The Shambles. This is a picturesque street combined of many antique shops, confectioneries, jewellery shops and of course Harry Potter shops. This famous little street is said to be the inspiration of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series (hence the 3 Potter shops)!25593580_1718968314790287_279270880_n


Then we headed towards the York Castle Museum to find out what living in York was like through the decades.


Feeling peckish and with so many quirky places to try, we ventured into an art bar called Victor J’s to grab some lunch. This is definitely a great spot to admire local art work while warming up in this cosy bar/restaurant.


Before heading back to the apartment we explored the Christmas market again, trying everything that was on offer….especially the York Fudge!

In the evening we dined at a restaurant that was recommended by a local and we were not mislead. We had dinner at a unique Spanish tapas restaurant called Ambiente  . Like many restaurants in York the building was originally someone’s home, which made the place even more charming. Spanish cuisine is my personal favourite so we had the tasting menu for 2 and loved every dish… (the meatballs were fought over… which can only be a good sign)!

Day 3

We woke up and gave our keys back to our wonderful Airbnb host in the morning which was all very easy. I can honestly not express how well my first experience of using an Airbnb went , I will definitely use the website for future travels.

We headed into York for the last time and took our luggage to the storage space near the station. It was the best option seeing as our train home was not till 6pm. After dropping our luggage off we headed back through the city walls, and down to the river for a walk in the park. We also climbed up Clifford’s Tower to take in the bird’s eye view of York.  25630317_1718968258123626_191023481_n25630739_1718968298123622_1199901981_nDSC01930

Afterwords, we visited The Shambles one last time and of course bought some more fudge to take  home with us! We still had a few hours of exploring before we needed to go for an early dinner, so we went to the York Dungeons . 25674344_1718968271456958_342321547_n.jpgThis was one of my favourite attractions in York. The actors were incredible and made me scream once or twice….. it’s such a good way to learn the history of York….even if you do get accused of witchcraft….

Before catching our train back to Edinburgh we had an early dinner somewhere that we always walked past and were eager to try. Lucia is an Italian restaurant that has lots of seating in the fairy-lit canopy courtyard. To keep dinners warm outside in the winter they also have outdoor fires amongst the tables as well as an indoor seating area.

Our time in York was amazing and we would definitely spend more time in this beautiful city. If we went back we would visit the places we ran out of time to see such as the top of York Minster and The Chocolate Story Museum!

Getting Lost In Barcelona – Day 3


On our third day in Barcelona we decided to take things a bit slower as we appeared to be racking up the steps on our fitness trackers! After breakfast we headed back to the El Born region of the city by metro, to visit the Picasso museum and explore more of the boutique shops.

The Picasso museum was excellent, especially the student discount….entry was completely free! Also the general admission price was only 11 euros which is far more reasonable than the larger tourist hot-spots. Unfortunately photography was not allowed in the museum but I guess it’s better to have a look for yourself. My opinion of his masterpieces made me compare the experience to what may happen on an acid trip… but I can’t say i’m an art lover!

An art lover I may not be but I can definitively appreciate fine pieces of jewellery (not hinting..). I will give Joid’art a mention in here as I actually went away with a couple of items from the store! All the pieces are produced in Barcelona which I thought made them an extra special souvenir.


After enjoying our second time in El Born we journeyed back towards our hotel to cool off for a bit. On the way back we were mesmerised by the huge slices of pizza that you could buy by the slice for a couple of euros. In addition to our pizza stop we made one more detour before entering the hotel. We had no idea that Barcelona had so many patisseries, it was like being in France! Since arriving at the hotel we promised ourselves that we would give into temptation and visit the patisserie shop right next to the hotel (Patisseria La Estrella). Get the Red Velvet cake…it’ll be the best decision you make this holiday.

Lazing around the hotel courtyard area refreshed us enough to embark on a walk down to Barceloneta to head to the beach. Our memory greatly shortened the walk from Las Ramblas …it took us about an hour to get there (we were wearing stupid shoes but still!) Next time I would probably take a taxi from the bottom of Las Ramblas. The beach is again what makes this city so unique! It’s great that you can spend a day at the beach but still be on a city break. Although, as the beach is such a bonus it is VERY busy so don’t expect serenity! 10502238_805358276151300_7722972751872260732_n10525950_805356112818183_5696445545388885323_n


I think from reading my blog by now you know i’m a huge foodie…..this meal merits as one of the best meals I have ever had! For our last night in this incredible city we wanted this dining experience to be something special and it was.  Los Caracoles is a family run 18th century restaurant in the heart of the Gothic district in Barcelona. It’s world renowned fame has people, including celebrities eager to give this place a go!


Getting Lost In Barcelona – Day 2


On our first full day in Barcelona we decided to discover more about the person that essentially developed Barcelona’s image, Antoni Gaudi.

We started off visiting Palau Guell which was on the same street as the hotel we were staying at. This one one of the first buildings Gaudi designed at the start of his lustrous career for the Guell family. This building is a town house like no other and definitely worth a visit! Unlike his later designs this particular building is more Gothic and far less whimsical than the likes of Casa Batllo, La Pedrera and Parc Guell.

(Entry for this attraction is 12 euros or 9 euros for discounted entry such as students!)


After visiting our first Gaudi building we continued the theme of the day by taking the metro to Casa Batllo. The first thing we noticed was how different the vibe was at this attraction. Not only was the building designed completely differently we also noticed that this attraction was far busier than the previous attraction.

We booked our tickets online to save time so we just walked to the entrance and got our tickets scanned than we were in! If you like all things weird and wonderful this attraction is for you. The tour is very clever as it involves an aspect of augmented reality through your phone-like device, that you are given as you begin the tour.

(Entry to this attraction is 23.50 euros and 20.50 for students if you book online!)




When we left Casa Batllo we were surrounded by shops to explore, as woman of course we couldn’t resist checking some out. Including the Burberry bags we wish we could afford! Although ladies I would highly recommend this Spanish shop called OYSHO, it’s great for lingerie! 😉

After hopping in and out of the shops we sat down at a Spanish restaurant called Bo De Gracia. Again the tapas selection we choose was excellent and the Cava definitely wasn’t missed out!


After exploring works of Antoni Gaudi we went back to the hotel to chill for a few hours before heading back out into the heat of the night. (At night it didn’t drop below 25 degrees!)

We headed up to Montjuic by funicular…not really to explore the area because we caught the amazing Magic Fountain show last time we visited but to ride down to the port on the cable car! It was well worth the journey up to Montjuic as the areal view of Barcelona was stunning.



After landing in the Port area of Barceloneta we continued into the centre in search of a nice seafood restaurant. X marks the spot where this gem is! It is called 3 Nusos and we were attracted by the beautiful outdoor gazebo eating area covered in fairy lights (perfect for wining and dining your other half!).

Getting Lost In Barcelona – Day 1

Before you read this post I just want to inform you all that this is my 2nd time to this wonderful city! Therefore this blog will show that this time I focused on some of the secondary sites, instead of the main ones, such as the magnificent Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell.

Barcelona is a city like no other, this European city has such an original vibe which makes the city come to life! With the laid back locals mixed in with the tourists, the oldy-worldy gothic quaters and of course the surreal Gaudi architecture makes this city unique.

To make it easier to read I will write 4 posts about my time in Barcelona!


We arrived in Barcelona at around 11am local time and quickly jumped in a taxi to our hotel which was called Hotel Onix Liceo.

We weren’t supposed to check in until 3pm but luckily our room was available when we arrived. The hotel was excellent. It was clean, modern, had friendly staff, was located just off Las Ramblas and had an outdoor pool. We only booked the hotel a few weeks before we departed and managed to get a good deal for this 4* hotel on Opodo.

After freshening up in our room we decided to dive straight into what Barcelona has to offer. We were really lucky to be in such a central location which made it an everyday occurrence to stroll down the famous street known as Las Ramblas. Our first destination we headed to was the area known as El Born which was home to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. This church was well worth a visit, we took part in the guided tour that took you up to the roof of the church. What a view from the inside and out!

We took the metro from the station closest to us which was Liceu and got off the metro at the stop Passeig de Gràcia. However we did have to change lines to get to our destination which was Jaume 1. The metro is a great way to get around the city. I would recommend buying a ticket that allows 10 journeys as it is only 9 euros.



After our climb up to the roof we exited the church in search of some traditional tapas and we weren’t disappointed. If you are in the area make sure to visit Bubo for some tapas and cava sangria! This is definitely one to remember if you want tapas with an outstanding view.


After you are finished your tapas lunch I would recommend spending some more time getting lost in the streets of El Born as there are some quirky bars and little boutique shops hiding in between the city walls.

When visiting Barcelona in August you will most definitely get hot and sticky so it’s important to drink plenty of fluids (sangria , water, cocktails 😉 ) in addition to seek shade for at least a couple of hours a day! We we would always head back to the hotel at around 4pm for a couple of hours to chill and get rejuvenated again before heading back out.


As it was our first night in the city we opted to dine somewhere local just off Las Ramblas. However, you are spoilt for choice in this city as the number of restaurants available is astonishing! One thing to bare in mind though is obviously the nearer you get to Las Ramblas the more expensive the restaurant is likely to be! The restaurant we wondered into was called Julivert Meu which is a traditional family run restaurant. The restaurant stretches back further than you would expect and has a lovely tavern-like vibe.