3 Days In Berlin – Day 3

By day 3 the “solo” part of my trip had come to an end which was definitely bittersweet. I loved feeling confident enough to explore places on my own which I will do more of in the future now, but I was excited to catch up with my long distance best friend!

On my last morning in Berlin I had to visit Zeit Fuer Brot as it was just round the corner from the hostel and was highly recommend. This little bakery chain did not disappoint, the smell is enough to get anyone through the door!

It was the sunniest day in Berlin so far so spent most of the morning chilling with ice coffee outside the Berliner Dom.

It is one of the most iconic buildings in Berlin so I took the time to check out the inside as well which was beautiful. If you have time I would recommend you take a guided tour that takes you right up to the dome to get a panoramic view over the city. I also visited the crypt of the Hohenzollern family which was cool as I had already visited their hilltop castle near Albstadt!

Sometimes…just sometimes I am not very good at paying attention to the time and I was enjoying myself so much at the cathedral that I realised that I was late to check out of my hostel. I tried to be clever and go in one of the backdoors so the receptionists didn’t see me and use the card to get into my room. But no….I’m not that clever, the keycard had stopped working and no one was around to let me in the door! So I faced my fate, apologised to a not too impressed lady and got the card working again so I could get my luggage!

I had already booked my Flixbus (like Megabus in the UK) to Poznan which is 4 hrs away over the Polish border. The bus ticket was only 18 Euros! To get to the bus station from my hostel was a bit off hassle. I had to get the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn and then walk around 10 minutes through some underground tunnel things to get to the “central” bus station.

Always work out the buses final destination before you start looking for your bus. This may seem obvious but I didn’t realise that the final stop wasn’t Poznan so I couldn’t find my bus easily as it was actually displayed at the Toruń bus!!!

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