South East Asia – 3 – 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur

Just wow…I arrived back from my 3 week South East Asia trip a few days ago and I cannot wait to start blogging!!!

I am so thankful for the memories over the past few weeks that were made with my best friends during our end of university trip! We really did everything we wanted to do: immerse ourselves in new cultures, eat like the locals do, see the wonders of SE Asia and come home to graduate in one piece (despite the slightly precarious situations we were in…I will explain more about later..). It was incredible to travel so far so CHEAPLY!! At the end I will do a rundown of how much we spent in total but to give you an idea it was around £1,600 for everything (flights (x5), airbnbs, spending money, tours, visa and insurance).

After our 16 hour journey from Edinburgh we touched down at KL’s international airport (be careful when planning your journey as there are 2 international airports). Our airbnb ( Mercu Summer Suites) was located in the centre of KL near the Petronas Towers so took around an hour to get there. Instead of Uber in SE Asia they have Grab so do yourself a favour and download the app before you arrive and you are good to go (cash only so get some money out using the ATM at the airport). Our grab was only 72 MRY including the tolls which is £13.77.

If you would like money off your first Airbnb use my personal link when booking!

Day 1

We woke up early eager to explore the city in the short time that we had! We knew that we could not see everything but made a plan of what we definitely wanted to see to use our time effectively.

Firstly we headed to Merdeka Square which is one of the most popular areas in the city, located in front Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Here there remains strong evidence of the British empire with the type of architecture and grassy spaces.

After we were drawn towards the Countdown Clock which is part of the River of Life project which counts down to the year 2020! We admit it’s not much of an attraction but we were drawn to the water…oh my goodness….KL was so HOT and HUMID we knew the first morning that time spent doing hair and makeup was time definitely wasted…so we all embraced the natural!

We wanted our first proper meal in KL to be authentic so we avoided all the chain restaurants and headed to the Chinatown food markets. We sat down where we saw the most locals and tried some amazing dishes!

Always ask for the price before ordering because they sometimes try to rip off tourists when you ask for the bill.

We also visited one of the many beautiful mosques in the city, Jamek Mosque and spoke to a lady there about the Islamic dress code for woman. She was kind enough to offer us a book about the dress code for woman in particular which was definitely enlightening for 3 western woman to read due to the amount of restrictions woman adhere to in other parts of the world.

Please be respectful when visiting places of worship such as mosques and temples. You must always cover your shoulders and sometimes have to remove your shoes to enter.

After lunch we visited the Forest Eco Park which was the thing I was most excited to do in the city! It did not disappoint! It was so refreshing to be high in the treetops away from the hustle and bustle of KL. This urban jungle attraction has many trails and an incredibly cool treetop walkway.

Luckily we had fun on the treetop walkway before the heavens opened and it poured down with rain! We went to SE Asia at the cusp of the rainy season and apart from a few very very heavy showers we were very lucky with the weather!

We then headed back to our Airbnb with a cheap Grab to dry off and chill a bit before exploring more. For dinner we tried the vibrant Little India neighbourhood which was amazing for food!! We all tried a local Malaysian speciality called Nasi (rice) Lemak and a fresh coconut!

After finishing dinner we wanted to see the beauty of the Petronas Towers lit up at night so headed straight there to capture this iconic KL site!

We ended the day finding a rooftop bar to reward ourselves for walking so many steps around the city. How lucky we were to stumble upon this bar!! This rooftop bar is called the WET Deck and is situated inside a swanky hotel called W but the bar is open to anyone. It has one of most spectacular views of the Petronas Towers, tasty cocktails, good music and staff that know all the tricks to help you take the perfect pictures!

Day 2

After a full first day in KL we were up early again excited for the day ahead. On our second day we had planned to visit one of KL’s biggest attractions, the Batu Caves! These 3 caves are located on a limestone hill 11km outside the city centre. Climb the 272 rainbow steps to the top of the caves and take in the beautiful sights that lie before you!

Visit early in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat. Watch the monkeys surrounding the temple as they are known to be very cheeky!!

We took a Grab car to the temples for ease and managed to work out the metro to get back. “Work out” is the best turn of phrase because it is easy because there is a station right by the caves…however… the trains were very infrequent!

After walking up all those stairs at the caves we were definitely hungry for lunch! We headed back to Little India and tried a family run curry house. We decided to pick the banana leaf buffet which had a completely vegetarian option too!

The botanic gardens is another excellent way to escape the noise of the city! Spend some time walking around the lakeside gardens.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first couple of days in SE Asia and looking forward to reading the rest of my posts! Please just send me a message via WordPress, Facebook of Instagram if you have any questions!





5 thoughts on “South East Asia – 3 – 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Good experience ,
    I’m in kuala Lumpur now and I will visit all these beautiful places and I already make a reservation in airbnb 😅 next time I will use your link .
    Thanks a lot 🌹

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