Southern Germany Trip – Colmar and Freiburg

Yes I am aware that Colmar is in France….


After spending my third day in Karlsruhe we drove 3 hours and stayed in Colmar just over the German/French border. It was another picture perfect town that has somehow managed to escape the modernisation that has tainted many other places due to it’s old town centre being a “protected area”. Colmar should definitely be on your list of travel destinations you are wanting to visit. It is impossible not to be enticed by it’s colourful houses, flower displays , famous wines and intimate dining options. IMG_2407


When we arrived in Colmar we checked into our hotel for the night (Les Maraichers). Once again I felt like a complete Brit as we entered attempting to speak all the French we knew. The receptionist saw our obvious lack of knowledge and told us that she could speak French, German and English. It was the same everywhere we went in Colmar, everyone could at least speak 2 languages fluently! Really puts my 25% Duolingo German knowledge and mere pass in French at school to shame…

After checking in we walked into the centre of Colmar (only a 15 minute walk) and searched for somewhere to have dinner. We stumbled upon a beautiful looking restaurant…complete with candelabras and lights….so we went in. I promise I didn’t pay attention to the name of the restaurant….but when you are here you must dine in…La Romantica Colmar (as cliché as you can be but the food and atmosphere is amazing)!  I had the traditional Tarte flambée with some recommended local wine by the lovely bilingual waiter.


IMG_2517In the morning we decided not to have breakfast in the hotel and headed into Colmar. We found this little cafe called Au Croissant Doré that is situated through the arches in the centre of Colmar by the church. The croque monsieur and thick hot chocolate definitely set me up for the day.


After breakfast we explored Colmar and of course took the postcard perfect snaps at Petite Venise…


Au revoir Colmar…I’ll be back!


We left Colmar to travel to Freiburg mid afternoon. In hindsight we probably packed in a little to much for my first 5 days in Germany but there was never a dull moment! The drive took only 40 minutes to Freiburg so we were still able to enjoy most of the day there. I have been incredibly lucky on this trip to see many truly enchanting places. This university city takes you back in time, walking through it’s medieval streets, as well as having the famous Black Forest as it’s backdrop!

After wondering into a dozen quirky shops we headed up to the Schlossberg viewpoint overlooking the city on one side and the Black Forest on the other. What a view…I don’t know if it was the time of year but when I went there was always a misty haze over the forests which added to the beautiful landscapes.


P.S – Rumour has it if you want to marry a Freiburg girl paddle in the streams that flow through the city….

You can’t leave the home of the Black Forest without tasting some of it’s famous cake…..well that was my excuse. Head to Café Schmidt ,this family run business will show you what a true Black Forest Gateau Cake should look like! IMG_2573.JPG

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