11 Hours In Dublin

As you can see from the title we literally spent 11 hours in Dublin…long story short Matthew said we have to wake up at 5am the next morning because we need to catch a flight to Dublin!

So off we went the next day to hop on a plane to Dublin, the journey from Edinburgh was very quick so we didn’t get a chance to catch up on much sleep but it was worth it.

We didn’t know much about Dublin so we quickly researched the city a bit at the airport (in between croissants and chia lattes from Cafe Nero!) We made a quick list of the attractions that we definitely wanted to do then just went from there.

When we landed in Dublin we took the bus from the airport into the city centre for roughly £10 return. We got off the bus at the O’Connell St stop which was the closest to the city centre. The Dublin weather was very similar to the Scottish weather in April – bright, cold and frequent rain showers (April showers at it’s finest!) After stepping off the bus we were greeted by the eye catching Dublin Spire monument. 13015514_1152266151460509_577808719354122947_n.jpg

Our first tourist attraction of the day was obviously…The Leprechaun Museum, it was wonderful! The story telling was fun and engaging, even got to throw our coins in the magic wishing well and stand next to massive furniture…13015576_1152266324793825_212969616572437079_n.jpg






The museum revolved around a guide telling us stories from the past of Ireland and it’s mythical friends…not all friendly.


After the museum we got a quick bite to eat before continuing our fleeting trip to the fair city of Dublin.

After lunch we walked to Dublin Castle where we admired the impressive architecture.


We continued our 11 hours in Dublin by admiring the local culture and art. We stepped into City Hall and were memorised by the ceiling design and exhibits.


As we journeyed the heavens opened! It was very heavy rain so we darted into the nearest pub we could find before my umbrella broke. What a find this little bar was, The Front Door Bar was cosy and served the best cider that we have ever tasted. The Orchard Thieves cider on tap literally tasted like sparkling apple juice it was so fresh and unfortunately we haven’t found it since (life long pursuit)….


Before we knew it, it was time to head home 😦 Fairwell Dublin….remember No Rain No Rainbows!


4 thoughts on “11 Hours In Dublin

  1. Dublin is one of my favorite cities so if you get the chance I would definitely recommend going back and spending more time there. The Temple Bar area is so fun too!


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