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All my posts to date have been funded on a student budget. This goes to show that there ARE plenty of ways to travel and NOT drain you bank account! Whether it’s booking flights at the right time, staying in cool Airbnbs or even just eating in places only the locals know about allows you to travel on a budget.

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I would like to start this post by thanking you for supporting my blog so far! I have only been blogging regularly for 6 months now but I am proud to say I am now sitting at 118 subscribers, 2K views, 391¬†Instagram followers,¬†969¬†Twitter followers and¬†2 brand collaborations. This blog post is all about how I … Continue reading HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BLOG PERFORMANCE

3 Countries, 1 Holiday -Bodensee / Lake Constance

I am just back from our road trip around Lake Constance and¬† just as the title suggests I really did get to explore parts of 3 countries! No wonder Lake Constance (Bodensee in German) is such a popular place for a holiday. Whether you are a couple, family or solo traveller there are so many … Continue reading 3 Countries, 1 Holiday -Bodensee / Lake Constance

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