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All my posts to date have been funded on a student budget. This goes to show that there ARE plenty of ways to travel and NOT drain you bank account! Whether it’s booking flights at the right time, staying in cool Airbnbs or even just eating in places only the locals know about allows you to travel on a budget.

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3 Days In Berlin – Day 3

By day 3 the “solo” part of my trip had come to an end which was definitely bittersweet. I loved feeling confident enough to explore places on my own which I will do more of in the future now, but I was excited to catch up with my long distance best friend! On my last … Continue reading 3 Days In Berlin – Day 3

3 Days In Berlin – Day 2

After getting up early again I ate FrĂĽhstĂĽck (breakfast) at one of the cutest cafes I have ever been to called House of Small Wonder. I had a full day planned for myself as I had arranged to meet up with my friend Lisa (true Berliner) in the evening! First stop was the Pergamon museum … Continue reading 3 Days In Berlin – Day 2

3 Days In Berlin – Day 1

It was a super last minute decision to travel again so soon after Asia but with time to spare before I got my allocation from TUI I was straight on Skyscanner to book another flight! I chose to visit Berlin because 1. It was cheap to fly there from Edinburgh, 2. I had been many … Continue reading 3 Days In Berlin – Day 1

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