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All my posts to date have been funded on a student budget. This goes to show that there ARE plenty of ways to travel and NOT drain you bank account! Whether it’s booking flights at the right time, staying in cool Airbnbs or even just eating in places only the locals know about allows you to travel on a budget.

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Dugi Otok – Croatia Series #4

This is my 4th instalment in the Croatia Series, here is numberĀ 3 if you haven’t checked it out! Translated Dugi Otok means the “Long Island” in Croatian and it’s the 7th biggest island in the Adriatic. We loved our time on this island and could have easily spent a couple more days exploring the many … Continue reading Dugi Otok – Croatia Series #4

Krka National Park – Croatia Series #3

Hey Guys! I hope you have enjoyed reading series partĀ 1Ā and series partĀ 2 This blog entry will be mainly picture based to give you a flavour of one of the most incredible places I have ever been to! Krka National Park is located in Å ibenik-Knin county of Croatia. We drove here from Zadar and it only … Continue reading Krka National Park – Croatia Series #3

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